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Clínica de Freitas – Hair Clinic in Valencia and Barcelona specialized in hair transplant FUE and capillary treatments

Hair trasplant photos and videos

Here you will find some photos and videos of hair transplant real cases of the doctor Rafael de Freitas and other videos of hair treatments, which have been made in our hair clinic in Valencia, Spain


of hair trasplant real cases


of hair trasplant real cases

CLINICA DE FREITAS, capillary clinic in Valencia and Barcelona. We are specialists in hair transplant FUE, hair aesthetic treatments and medical laser hair removal

We understand the importance of hair for the self-esteem of women and men and how difficult it is to suffer from alopecia, the impact it has in all areas of life, so our goal is to offer comprehensive, efficient solutions aimed at recovering your quality of life and happiness. In our clinic you will find the most modern and effective hair treatments, from painless laser hair removal, through capillary mesotherapy to hair transplants with advanced techniques. At Clínica de Freitas you will find the best hair care professionals in Spain (Valencia and Barcelona) dedicated to providing you with the solution you need.

Our clinic


Capillary treatments


You can contact us and expose your case so that we study it carefully and guide you in the most appropriate way. We provide personalized solutions for each patient, always looking for the best result.


At Clínica de Freitas we pride ourselves on being able to offer you comprehensive care. We believe that a hair clinic should not only remedy baldness, but also their work should be aimed at health and hair strengthening, so we offer the best hair treatments to revitalize, prevent, stop and solve female alopecia and masculine Also, we know that excess hair in unwanted places is also a problem of capillary nature, so we offer laser hair removal without pain. Our treatments are comprehensive and can be combined to adapt them to each case. The most requested are:

Hair trasplant FUE

The most modern, effective and least invasive option to definitively solve baldness. The hair transplant with the FUE technique is responsible for extracting hair from one area to take it to another that requires it. The big difference is that this is done follicle to follicle, so the results are totally natural. It is an ambulatory procedure, very fast, with a very short postoperative period, it leaves no scars and is forever. The hair transplanted with the FUE technique does not fall again. Also in the hands of Dr. Rafael de Freitas, one of the most outstanding doctors of this technique.

Treatment for: ♀ Woman ♂ Man

Capillary mesoteraphy

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment aimed at strengthening the hair fiber, awakening hair follicles frozen in telogen phase and stimulate healthy hair growth. A mixture of components containing vitamins, trace elements and other active ingredients that will slow down hair loss and strengthen it is injected into the scalp. Fast and painless, it has great effectiveness in hair loss due to stress, nutrition and hormonal problems.

Treatment for: ♀ Woman ♂ Man

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

A revolutionary treatment capable of preventing and stopping baldness, is popular for being very effective in facials. The platelet-rich plasma for hair consists of extracting the plasma with growth factors from the patient's blood and reinserting it into the scalp, thus stimulating the production of collagen, the growth and strengthening of the hair follicle. As a result, the hair will grow plentiful, strong and much brighter.

Treatment for: ♀ Woman ♂ Man

Medical laser hair removal without pain

We specialize in the definitive laser hair removal of LightSheer® DESIRE ™ Diode, considered one of the best on the market. This type of laser works perfectly on all skin types, including tanned ones. LightSheer® DESIRE ™ has the ChillTip and HIT technology that make it practically painless and so effective that you will require fewer sessions. It can be used in small areas, such as the facial area, and in other more extensive areas, such as legs and back.

Treatment for: ♀ Woman ♂ Man

Why choose Clínica de Freitas?

We have years of experience as a leading hair clinic in treatments for permanent hair removal and hair transplant with the FUE technique in Spain. We offer integral, human, direct and personal attention. We are your best option because in our facilities you will find:

Best profesionals

Guided by the outstanding doctor Rafael de Freitas, our team of professionals is in continuous training to stay updated with the latest technology and techniques. All have several years of experience, in which they have transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Best results

The treatments applied by our professionals are focused on treating the particular needs of each individual in order to offer the best possible result. A treatment adapted to each person, applied by expert hands with the best technology can only translate into the best results. Our success stories prove it.

Best techniques

Our team of professionals is constantly searching and testing new techniques and treatments that can offer better results in less time or in specific situations. We work to offer you more alternatives and the best results, with shorter, painless and effective treatments.

Best material & facilities

We offer comfortable, modern and welcoming facilities that complement and improve the experience of each patient. We do not skimp on using the best materials and equipment with the most advanced technology to guarantee successful results.

Personal attention

There is no treatment that serves to solve all the problems, which is why we do an exhaustive study of each case. For us, each patient is an individual, with different characteristics, problems and situations, so we offer treatments and solutions adapted to the reality and conditions of each person.

Patient monitoring

Once you have treated yourself at Clínica de Freitas, you become part of this family in which we continuously watch over your well-being and the success of the treatment; This is why continuous monitoring is proposed to accompany you during the process and then follow the results to guarantee the definitive success and improvement of your quality of life.


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Clínica de Freitas – Hair Clinic in Valencia and Barcelona specialized in hair transplant FUE and capillary treatments
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